The Straits 2 - The Terror from Within

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After the destruction of the salvage vessel Anna Marie, the surviving crew find  themselves stranded on the Sirena Glubiny, a derelict ship adrift somewhere in the South China Sea. With no way to contact the outside world and supplies running dangerously low, the survivors try desperately to repair the ship’s broken radio and send word for help before their time runs out.

As the tension reaches boiling point and their hope starts to fade, the survivors begin to unravel the mysterious fate that befell the crew of the Sirena Glubiny. And as they wait to be rescued, they come to realize the horrible truth, they are not alone on the ship.

Something is already amongst them…

The Straits Part 2: The Terror from Within is the second instalment of the acclaimed five-part graphic novel by Badharvie… a relentless, page turning classic that’s sure to haunt the darkest recesses of your mind long after you’ve put it down.


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The Straits Part 3 “Descent into Madness”

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