Frankie's Ozploitation

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Frankie’s Drive-In is the new anthology comic series from Badharvie celebrating drive-in culture and grindhouse films filled with sensational violence, nudity, gore and mayhem. For our first macabre movie marathon we journey to the land Down Under for two demented tales of high octane, Ozploitation horror, not soon to be forgotten…

Day of the Taipan

For decades the British Government tested weapons at the Maralinga Atomic Site, poisoning the desert. They said there was nothing out there, but they were wrong. Because the desert is the hunting ground of the most dangerous animal on earth, the Taipan. And sixty years of radiation has changed them, made them bigger, faster and hungry for human flesh. Will anyone survive Day of the Taipan?


The Min Min.

There is a legend in the outback of a spirit that walks the desert sands seeking vengeance against the wicked. When a group of roo shooters kill an innocent girl, they unleash hell upon the earth and the Min Min rise for a night of bloody revenge.