Frankie's Axe Murder Double Feature

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Frankie’s Drive-In is the anthology comic series from Badharvie celebrating drive-in culture and grindhouse films filled with murderers and maniacs, space monsters, slashers and steaming piles of bloody viscera.

Frankie’s Drive-In Double Feature is definitely NOT for the faint of heart…

The Acid House Massacre.

When Donnie and his friends head to an isolated mansion for a night of experimentation with LSD, they think they’re going to expand their minds. But when the hallucinations take hold an evening of drug fuelled fun turns into a night of blood-soaked horror. Laugh, then Scream, then Die!


In The Dead of The Night.

The town of Gacy is a town with a terrible secret. A secret it’s desperately trying to forget. It has been ten years since the killing stopped, ten years since his murderous rampage came to an end. But does evil ever truly die? Or does it wait in the darkness, ready to strike...